About MTK Birmingham

MTK Birmingham gym was founded in January 2016. It was established to create a base where founder Matthew Macklin was raised. The gym is located at the Tudor Grange Leisure Centre in Solihull with access to an indoor swimming pool, full-size athletics track and fitness suite.

The gym is primarily used for training professional boxers from all over the UK. It is open daily offering classes to the public as well as an amateur boxing club for 11-18-year-old amateurs. Coaches: Seamus Macklin, Will Stokes, Stephen Mchale

The gym is not open to the general public as it is primarily used for the professionals. However, it offers classes to those who are interested in boxing. It is open 7 days a week wherein Saturday is the main day for professional boxers. They conduct open sparring beginning at 12pm with boxers coming from all over the country.


Will Stokes

Professional Trainer & Head Amateur Trainer

Will fell in love with boxing when he first stepped into Aston Amateur Boxing Club at the age of 12. Having a competitive personality, he thrived from the tough training and sparring sessions.

After a successful start to boxing he was forced to stop due to a fracture he endured from playing football. He continued to play football at a high level throughout his teenage years at academy and district level. Entering his adult years he has been successful in personal training and the hosting of charity events.

He now trains a handful of professional and amateur boxers at the MTK Birmingham gym and has a hand in the promotional and managerial aspects when called upon. His aim is to help produce world champion fighters to MTK.

Seamus Macklin

Head Professional Trainer and Promoter
Seamus Macklin started boxing at the age of 10 years old and fought against
some of the best talent in the country at the time. As an amateur, he won
the Schoolboy ABA title and was close to turning professional whilst his
brother Matthew was training under Joe Gallagher. Seamus was only a student
of the sport when he sparred regularly with the likes of Anthony Crolla, Joe
Murray & John Murray and has used those times as his learning curve in the
He was ever present with his brother Matthew Macklin in his various training
camps around the world and has gathered his knowledge from some of the
greatest trainers in boxing such as Buddy McGirt, Joe Gallagher and Billy
Graham. He was also actively involved in building MTK and was the very first
MTK trainer while training his childhood best friend Michael Rooney, who was
to become the first MTK boxer.

He now trains, manages & promotes fighters in MTK Birmingham on a daily

Stephen McHale